Which Lovendu Planner is Best For You?

Whether you want to organise your day better, increase your productivity or just want to make lists and stop forgetting things, a planner can help you do this. Lovendu planners provide you a physical reminder of your schedule and your commitment to yourself to be organised and productive. It's right there on your desk or in your bag to stay on top of your life and get stuff done. 

However, don’t mistake planners for journals. The main difference between journals and planners is that in planners you’re writing information in anticipation rather than reflective like a journal. 

In this blog post, I’m going to go through each of the Lovendu planners, describe the features and what's in each of them so you can figure which planner is the best for you and your goals. If you’re undecided on which planner you should get, this post is definitely for you! 

Hustle B**** Planner

The Hustle B**** Planner is a daily planner. It aims to maximise your productivity and really get things done. Each day, you need to write your main priority task, something that HAS to be done today. This way you can focus on getting one task done well rather than procrastinate on several less important tasks. There’s also space to write a list of to-dos, schedules & appointments and self care. Included on the daily prompt pages are areas to track your water intake and your shopping list. 

Not only do you have daily prompt pages, there are goal setting worksheets and a weekly procrastination overview so you can identify areas that need improving. 

This planner is perfect for all you hustlers that have busy schedules or a heavy workload and want to minimise any procrastination. 

See the Hustle B**** Planner here.

Weekly Planner

This Weekly Planner aims to organise your life in a more casual way. Every week, you have a pre-week plan and a post-week reflection. This gives you an opportunity to not only better plan your week, but also reflect on what went well and what could be improved. The Weekly Planner also includes space to note your water intake, self-care and your top priorities for the day. Also in this planner, is goal setting activities and habit trackers. 

See the Weekly Planner here.

Manifestation Planner

The Manifestation Planner is for those of you who have big goals or dreams. This planner harnesses the power of the Law of Attraction and lets you manifest everything you want in life. Inside the planner is space to manifest your goals, relationships and dream house. Using lots of space to script and plan out your actions. It’s perfect for those who have huge ambitions or things they want to attract in their life. 

Find the Manifestation Planner here.

Mini Productivity Pad

Need something less formal? Want something on your desk just to scribble down your to-do list, tick it off and move on? Then the Mini Productivity Pad is the best option for you. You are able to scribble down any important tasks or important things to remember on this pad. Once done, you can rip the page off and start fresh the next day with a new to-do list. It’s the perfect pad to scribble on.

Find the Mini Productivity Pad here.


Weekly Planner Pad

More of a visual person? The Weekly Planner Pad is similar to this but with more structure. You can plan your weekly in a much more visually-pleasing way and scribble your schedule. It’s the perfect addition to your desk if you want to plan your week in a less formal way. 

Find the Weekly Planner Pad here.

A planner provides you with an opportunity to plan your time and the tasks that you need to do on any given day. But it won't do them for you, you have to put in the work for a planner to actually help you in the optimal way, if you don't do what it's telling you to do then you are going to see little improvement and not move closer to being organised.

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    Hi is the hustle planner still available to buy

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