The holiday season is all about sharing love, joy, and wellbeing with your loved ones. At Lovendu, we're here to help you do just that. Our carefully curated wellbeing and positivity products make for thoughtful, inspiring, and unique gifts. Whether you're shopping for friends, family, or even yourself, our gift guide will lead you to the perfect present.

What is a Journal? 

A journal is your private haven for self-expression and self-discovery. It's a space where you can record your thoughts, dreams, and emotions, offering a canvas to explore your feelings, set goals, and reflect on your life. It's a powerful tool for finding clarity, creativity, and a deeper connection with yourself, one page at a time.



The All-In-One

Dive into a world of mindfulness, positivity, and self-reflection with our Wellbeing Journal. Featuring a little bit of everything, this journal is designed to help you navigate life's ups and downs. The perfect gift if you are new to journaling or for anyone that is looking to boost their wellbeing. 





Understand and Control

Stress and anxiety are part of life, but managing them effectively is key. Our Anxiety Journal offers a safe space for self-care and mental health exploration. Give the gift of inner peace.




Distract and Ease

Overthinking can cloud our minds and limit our potential. Our Overthinking Journal is designed to break the cycle, offering clarity, guidance, and peace of mind.




Boost and Motivate

Give the gift of positivity with our Uplifting Journal, designed to boost mood and provide daily gratitude exercises, challenge negative thoughts, and support individuals facing low mood and depression.




Self-awareness and Confidence

Self-love is the foundation of wellbeing. Our Self-Love Journal is a heartfelt gift for those on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and positivity.




Become Your Best Self

Unlock the secrets to lasting happiness with our Happiness Journal, thoughtfully structured based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Divided into three sections—addressing physiological, psychological, and self-growth needs—it provides holistic wellbeing support. Track your sleep, mood, and exercise, while embracing daily gratitude and self-awareness prompts for a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.




Track and Achieve

Description: Keep wellness a top priority with our Health Journal. Whether tracking fitness goals or daily habits, this journal is an excellent companion for anyone aiming to nurture a healthier lifestyle.




Discover the Beauty Within

Fall in love with yourself using our Romanticise Your Life Journal. It's a beautiful journey featuring daily gratitude, self-esteem worksheets, and relaxing mindfulness activities



Organise Every Aspect

Make every day count with our Life Planner. It offers 20 divided weeks of daily planning, each with a weekly dashboard, scheduler, daily planning pages, and weekly reflections. Dive into wellness, goal-setting, finances, fitness & nutrition, and more as you journey towards self-growth and a life filled with intention.




Elevate your Life

Thoughtfully divided into five key sections: wellness, goal-setting, finances, fitness & nutrition, and more. Each section is a treasure trove of exercises, worksheets, trackers, and more, designed to help you prioritise self-growth. With this Yearly Life Planner of weekly planning, including monthly dashboards, schedulers, habit and mood trackers, weekly planning pages, and monthly reflections, this planner is your guide to a year of purposeful living. Plus, it's all undated!!




Organise your Week

Our Weekly Planner is your trusted companion for organising your week with precision. It offers a range of features, including goal-setting exercises, home organisation checklists, financial planning, habit trackers, and thoughtful pre and post-week planning and reflection. With this planner, you'll find the clarity and structure you need to make each week purposeful and well-organised.




Manifest Your Dream Life

Turn dreams into reality with our Manifestation Planner. This gift empowers goal setters, dream chasers, and those looking to shape their destiny.




Something more masculine?

We have a sister-brand called Seek Self. This brand is to make journal accessible to men too. It has all the same goodness and benefits of our Lovendu journals, but just a bit more discreet and minimal. Check out of Seekself site here:

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